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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Are Slimming Pills a Danger?

Most people, either men or women are serious about obesity. They will find ways to reduce their body weight. Some will take pills and they have to be more cautious as some pills may have side effects.

Below is a note by the author by Neil Little for you to consider.

With the growing trend in needing to lose weight many people are resorting to using slimming pills, while this may seem to be a healthy option to take, are they really any good for you?

Fact #1

They are not a quick fix because you still have to eat a healthy diet and do some sort of exercise.
One point to remember is that the weight went on over a period of time and is going to come off the same way.

Fact #2

The majority of slimming pills purchased are bought by women who have put on those extra pounds and want to look good again. Unfortunately most of the slimming pills are bought over the Internet from companies whose only intention is to make money and not provide a safe slimming pill to use.

Fact #3

They all cause side effects which in some cases may be only mild but for the majority of the time these side effects are dangerous and people have died.

Fact #4

There are two types of slimming pills, one sends a chemical message to the brain giving that full feeling and the other stops the digestion of fat in the intestine. These two slimming pills are only given to people who are classed as being severely obese.

Fact #5

They should only be used under strict medical supervision when all other possibilities of healthy weight loss avenues have been exhausted. Even under these conditions you will still suffer from side effects especially if you do not stick to a low fat diet.

The most effective and by far the healthiest way to control your weight is by following a long-term healthy eating plan and taking regular exercise.

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